One Size Does Not Fit All

One of our goals is to be fair in dealing with all of our customers. Part of being fair is offering several options depending on your needs. Phoenix Modular Elevator offers three different packages of services. Each of the service packages are at a different investment level and depending on the use of your elevator and the type of conveyance, the packages vary.

Exam & Lube
For a flat monthly fee, our mechanics will inspect the elevator, lubricate moving parts, and let you know of any problems that need to be addressed.  This way minor problems can be fixed before they become major ones.  Any needed repairs are charged at time & materials.

Full Maintenance
This operates like an insurance policy.  For a flat monthly fee, we will perform the monthly exam & lube, perform any necessary repairs, and respond to any repair calls you may have at no additional charge.  This rate is dependent on an in-person inspection of your elevator to determine its condition and needs. It also allows for the cost of any parts or visits during regular business hours. This will give you an opportunity to know your long-term costs of elevator ownership. This package does not include major malfunctions or catastrophic failures, jack replacement or problems that arise out of misuse, vandalism or intentional destruction.

Full Maintenance with OT Call Backs
Incorporates all of the above packages plus the cost for 24 hour emergency service and repair.

Service Packages

Service Exam & Lube Full Maintenance Full Maintenance with OT Call Backs
Monthly Inspection
Inspection Time & Materials
Repair Calls Time & Materials
24 Hour Service Time & Materials Time & Materials

When it comes to service packages we want the right one for you. So we would need to schedule an onsite inventory and assessment prior to any agreement. Also depending on the type of elevator, age and manufacturing company, the price can fluctuate. Our contracts are automatically renewed annually, however your rate will not automatically increase. If you have any questions regarding our packages please contact us at any time.

Do you currently have a contract for elevator maintenance? We invite you to read it and then compare it to our terms. We will never lock you into a 5-year contract with automatic rate increases that you can’t control. Our contracts are one year at a time, because we want the incentive to keep you satisfied so you’ll stay with us—voluntarily—for the long term. And any rate increases require both of us to agree.

All maintenance contracts include coordination of your annual inspections (you pay the inspector). Pressure tests and load tests are additional.

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